Brie Larson And Tessa Thompson Explain How An All-Female MCU Movie Could Happen

Marvel-MCU-Female-Team-Up-Valkyrie-1 (1)

Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson has repeatedly gone on record pushing for an all-female MCU team-up movie, and during a recent panel at ACE Comic Con, the Oscar-winner offered a suggestion for how the fans can help make it happen.

Larson was joined at yesterday’s event by Tessa Thompson, who’s also been vocal in calling for Marvel to assemble an A-Force-style female team. Sure enough, the Valkyrie actress showed her support for the idea once more at the ACE panel, saying the following:

“I know what I want. No, listen, this is not just because Valkyrie would like to hang out with some of the beautiful, strong, intelligent, fantastic women of the MCU. She would, platonically in a team-building way. So, I want to work together as a team, us women, doing things in a film or two.”

Larson then indicated that fans hoping for an A-Force movie can convince the bosses at Marvel Studios by simply showing that there’s a public demand for the idea:

“I think that is what we want, we want to see females working together, ideally in their own film and we really have been saying this a lot but the more that people talk about it and say they are behind that and are interested in that the higher likelihood it is that that could happen. People are listening. They’re watching.”

After the recent Avengers: Endgame marked the end of an era for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Marvel Studios have seemingly decided to ease up on the team-up movies for the time being. But while there are currently no major crossover films scheduled for the MCU’s Phase 4, surely it’s only a matter of time until another group is assembled.

In any case, after Captain Marvel provided the MCU with one of its biggest solo movies to date, it’s clear that Carol Danvers has a busy future ahead of her, though even Larson herself recently admitted that she doesn’t know when Captain Marvel 2 will happen.

As for Thompson, it remains to be seen when and where her next MCU appearance might be, but your best bet is probably Thor: Love and Thunder, which will see the return of another potential A-Force member when it hits theaters on November 5th, 2021.