Broad City Duo Teaming With Paul Feig For Comedy Feature

broad city ilana glazer abbi jacobson

As any self-respected TV viewer can attest, Comedy Central’s Broad City is one of the most brilliant series currently on the air. Since its premiere last year, the half-hour comedy has given stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson an incredible showcase for their talents and delivered some of the most incisive commentary on modern sexuality and feminism seen anywhere in the media. As such, it’s very exciting to report that the two are graduating to feature filmmaking with the help of Bridesmaids director Paul Feig, who’s producing a script the duo have sold to Twentieth Century Fox.

Unfortunately, Glazer and Jacobson, who are prepping the third season of Broad City, are not attached to star in the project, and Feig is too wrapped up in Ghostbusters territory to even consider taking the reins. Fox’s Daria Cercek is handling the pic and is currently searching for stars and a helmer, though all of us here are keeping our fingers crossed that Glazer and Jacobson end up being able to tackle the lead roles they conceived.

Plot details are being kept closely under wraps over at the studio, but this is definitely a comedy and will bear all the trappings of a Glazer-Jacobson joint.

As is deplorably often the case with comedic actresses, it usually takes a big name like Feig to bridge the gap between the small screen and the big one. Similarly, Judd Apatow saw tremendous promise in Amy Schumer, star of Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer, and worked with her to push a starring vehicle, this summer’s Trainwreck, through the development process. Here’s hoping that, even if it’s not here, Glazer and Jacobson are similarly able to leave their mark on Hollywood in a comedy in which they’ll star.

Notably, the pair aren’t the only Broad City talents to head to the big leagues. The show’s writers, Lucia Aniello and Paul Downs, have been tapped by Sony for a female-led 21 Jump Street spinoff, which will expand that franchise’s universe along with a batshit-sounding Men in Black crossover.

Source: The Playlist