Bruce Boxleitner Says Tron 3 Will Be Made

Despite the mediocre reviews of TRON: Legacy, there just may be a third film in the franchise. Bruce Boxleitner revealed that a third one is “already a done deal.” Boxleitner then said that it should be seen by 2013. The video where he makes this statement can be viewed below.

As of now though, there is no official word from Disney. Let’s just hope that it’s not another 28 years until we see it.

Screen Rant also reported that the plot line for the third TRON film will possibly pick up where Legacy left off. More rumors will possibly spread once the release of Tron: Uprising, a new animated series based on the franchise, nears its debut. The cartoon will feature the voice of Boxleitner as Tron. Joining him will be Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, Paul Reubens and Lance Henriksen.

The third installment in the TRON film series is scheduled for a 2013 release. We will let you know more when news becomes available.