Bruce Wayne built his own Batmobile in ‘The Batman’

the batman

Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins used its status as an origin story to address the machinations of how on Earth a billionaire that had been presumed dead for years could suddenly show up on the scene and funnel what would comfortably have been millions of dollars into transforming himself into an armored vigilante that takes crime into his own hands, all without anybody finding out what he’s up to.

Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusaders all showed up on the scene as fully-formed veterans, so there was no need to explain how or why Bruce Wayne ended up with so many gadgets, alternate suits and shiny toys. However, The Batman is taking things back to basics, with Matt Reeves’ reboot picking up as Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight enters his sophomore year on the job.

The Batmobile is a lot more stripped back than we’ve ever seen in live-action before, and it turns out that’s because Bruce built it himself. Speaking to Empire, Pattinson confirmed that the tormented orphan had put his wheels together so that “there’s this kind of tangibility to it”.

You can’t imagine Affleck’s version of the character crafting his massive Justice League aircraft from scratch, but everything we’ve seen from The Batman ensures that you’ll totally believe Pattinson’s take on the iconic superhero cobbled together his preferred mode of transport in the bowels of Wayne Manor.