‘Bullet Train’ IMAX trailer urges viewers to watch on the big screen

A new IMAX trailer is here for the forthcoming action flick starring Brad Pitt, Bullet Train, and it unsurprisingly advocates for not watching movies from a cellphone.

On full display in the scene is the comedic chemistry between Brian Tyree Henry’s Lemon and Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Tangerine as the former fusses with the latter about the virtues of the genuine cinematic experience when Lemon sees Tangerine pull out a phone and start watching a movie.

Suppose you’re wondering why it sounds like the actors are going by codenames in the film. In that case, that’s because they likely are, since the plot of the movie centers around “Five assassins aboard a fast-moving train” who discover throughout their missions that they all have something in common, according to Bullet Train‘s IMDb page.

The David Leitch-directed film, which also stars Joey King and Karen Fukuhara, centers on Pitt’s Ladybug, an assassin-turned-pacificist determined to carry out his mission peacefully despite a hoard of killers gunning after him on the world’s fastest train.

Bullet Train might just be a spiritual successor to something like John Wick, as both movies have a stuntman-turned-director at the helm in common. In fact, Leitch even worked as an uncredited co-director in the first John Wick film, alongside the movie’s credited director, Chad Stahelski, according to the Keanu Reeves-starring movie’s IMDb page.

Leitch previously worked as Pitt’s stunt double in films like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Ocean’s Eleven, and Fight Club, with the Oscar-winning actor even making a brief appearance in the Leitch-directed Deadpool 2.

Bullet Train comes speeding into theaters on Aug. 5.