Cameron Crowe’s Hawaii-Set Rom-Com Titled Aloha


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At long last, We Bought a Zoo director Cameron Crowe has settled on a new (if unavoidably boring) title for his upcoming, Hawaii-set romantic comedy, which will star Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone: Aloha.

Previously titled Deep Tiki, the star-studded film will follow a well-established defense contractor (Cooper) who returns to scenic Hawaii to oversee the launch of a new weapons satellite, reconnecting with a lost love (Rachel McAdams) in the process. However, after experiencing a profound change of heart, he teams up – and inevitably falls head over heels for – an Air Force pilot (Stone) in order to sabotage the launch. Bill Murray co-stars as a mysterious billionaire with suspicious intentions, while John Krasinski and Danny McBride also have roles.

Outside of that, details on the project are sparse, though rumors persist that mystical entities, including a talking computer and ancient island spirits, factor into the story. The entire film has been shrouded in secrecy, which made its sudden move from December of last year to this May a total surprise. Exhibitor Relations confirmed the new release date and title in a tweet:

Though Aloha is probably the most generic title possible for a movie set in sunny Hawaii, Crowe rarely disappoints, so perhaps the typically upbeat filmmaker will turn in a rom-com deserving of that sunny, optimistic name. He’s certainly working with a capable cast, and Cooper’s involvement in particular should bode well for the project, given how much his box office credibility has improve as a result of the massively popular, Oscar-nominated American Sniper.

Aloha finally hits theaters on May 29th, 2015, over the Memorial Day weekend. Trailers, posters and stills are sure to come soon, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted with the latest.

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