Can you criticize J.K. Rowling and still buy ‘Hogwarts Legacy’? Twitter users weigh in

Hogwarts Legacy

While Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore will be out in theaters in less than a month, most Potterheads would probably agree that the real Wizarding World hype currently centers around Avalanche’s upcoming open-world roleplaying game Hogwarts Legacy. But given the fact that creator J.K. Rowling has once again found herself on the wrong end of social media scrutiny over distasteful comments about gender recognition law, Twitter is now debating whether you should help promote the new game or just boycott Harry Potter and everything related to it.

One needn’t chance anything beyond a single inappropriate tweet to face the rageful maelstrom of controversy and backlash that is ‘cancel culture,’ but in the case of Rowling, the author has been in everyone’s bad graces for far too long to be simply disregarded for any stray commentary. Apparently, though, social media is now debating if it’s wrong to promote and buy Hogwarts Legacy, despite the fact that Rowling has had nothing to do with its production.

Some folks seem to believe that we should just close the lid on the Wizarding World forever.

A few users are even urging people to try out other video games if they’re so keen on becoming a “wizard.”

Others, meanwhile, are feeling a bit more conflicted when it comes to Hogwarts Legacy.

But even if you’re that desperate to play the game, users are urging fans to just pirate the product and not stream it on social media.

More than a year since it was first announced, Hogwarts Legacy devs are showing us a brand new 14-minute gameplay clip this Thursday, so it seems that WB Games is pretty adamant about releasing the title regardless of how fans might feel about Rowling and her transphobic beliefs.