Candid BTS Shot For Justice League Sees Zack Snyder Directing The Team


Not unlike Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad before it, Justice League struggled to leave much of an impression on critics, who deemed Zack Snyder’s DC epic to be a bloated, overstuffed mess teeming with lackluster CGI (see: Steppenwolf) and uninspired characters.

And just like that 2016 brace, Snyder’s ensemble piece is fast becoming a cult favorite among superhero fans, who are now looking to Justice League‘s Blu-ray launch with hushed excitement. A March release is seemingly on the cards, though that mooted director’s cut is looking increasingly unlikely – hell, if you buy into all the online rumors, Warner Bros. has also nixed any possibility of an extended cut, but we’ll be keeping our fingers (and toes!) crossed nonetheless.

Because like it or lump it, Justice League continues to be one of the most hotly contested movies of 2017, and that relentless spotlight has resulted in a series of never-before-seen BTS pics finding their way online – like this one, for instance, which sees Zack Snyder directing the DC super-team.

On the box office front, Justice League‘s chances of turning a profit are now slim to none. That’s because the Zack Snyder epic is expected to finish its theatrical run with a $675 million total, which is reportedly enough for the film to just break even when accounting for marketing and distribution costs. Gone are the days when Justice League was projected for a $1 billion haul.

Next up for the DC Extended Universe is the release of Aquaman on December 21st, 2018, and in the spirit of injecting some much-needed fresh blood into Warner’s ailing franchise, Arthur Curry’s solo flick is coming by way of James Wan, Hollywood’s recognized authority on all things horror.