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‘Captain America 4’ might’ve narrowly missed out on a title that would’ve blown everyone’s minds

Maybe in the future.

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Back in April, a Twitter profile shared a ‘scoop’ concerning Captain America 4, claiming that it would be changing titles. Initially, a lot of followers believed the post, but upon closer inspection, Twitter users discovered that the aforementioned news was reported on April 1, April Fool’s Day. The post seemingly confirmed how Captain America: New World Order would no longer be the title of the fourth installment, but rather it would be replaced with one possibility: ‘Captain America: World War Hulks.’

Considering how Mark Ruffalo or any iteration of The Incredible Hulk appears absent from the cast list, that should have been enough of an indication that this was a phoney post. That being said, Harrison Ford is portraying Thaddeus Ross, with whom Marvel Comics fans will be familiar, so wouldn’t it be cool? Actually, in some ways, ‘World War Hulks’ sounds a lot cooler than ‘New World Order,’ but that’s just one opinion. If there were any kind of indication that Marvel were keeping Ruffalo’s involvement very hush-hush, we might have believed this change, but we haven’t even heard a whisper concerning the actor.

This title derives from the Hulk Vol. 2 comic series, specifically issue 22, where General Thunderbolt Ross (played in the upcoming movie by Harrison Ford) begins his transformation into Red Hulk to better combat his nemesis, The Incredible Hulk, whom he learns to be Bruce Banner, his son-in-law. Red Hulk makes his official debut in Hulk Vol. 3 #1. Already, that sounds like a rip-roaring adventure for our new Cap, but assuming this is merely an origin story for Ross, maybe we have to wait until the next Avengers team-up to see Red Hulk in his full glory.

“If it wasn’t April 1st I’d believe you,” one commenter wrote.

“I know it’s a joke BUT it honestly works for what this movie is about. Red Hulk, Leader, super soldier serum lol,” another said.

It wouldn’t be the first time that a movie title was changed and t certainly wouldn’t be the last, but Marvel seems pretty satisfied with ‘New World Order’ for now. There’s still just under a year before the fourth Captain America film hits theaters, so if any of the execs or creatives want to go back and their decision, there’s still plenty of time to rework the title.

But which one would you prefer?

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