Captain America: Civil War Concept Art Takes Us To Avengers HQ And Wakanda

Last year, Captain America: Civil War kicked off Phase 3 in style as The Avengers went to war with each other over the Sokovia Accords. By the time the movie came to a close, the heroes were completely divided, but they’ll be brought back together again in Avengers: Infinity War next year when Thanos makes his way to Earth as he looks to get his hands on the Infinity Stones.

It’s going to be quite some time before we get to see how that conflict plays out, but to help tide us over, some new concept art for Civil War has surfaced today which offers an interesting look at a few of the key locations from the critically acclaimed release. Created by freelancer Marek Okon, we get to see the Wakandan base which was featured in the movie’s mid-credits scene, a fresh look at the interior of Avengers HQ, and some shots of the battle between Cap’s team and Crossbones which culminated in the villain’s explosive demise.

While it’s definitely fun to see what did and didn’t change in these scenes between the pre-production stage and shooting, there’s nothing here that’s drastically different. Even so, we still get a fascinating look at how these scenes were dreamed up before cameras started rolling on Captain America: Civil War, and if nothing else, they give us a little bit of insight into what goes into putting a blockbuster of this size together.

You can take a look at everything up in the gallery above and once you’ve done so, be sure to leave a comment letting us know if you think the Russos will be able to top the threequel when Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters next year.