Captain America: Civil War Deleted Scenes Featured More Ant-Man; Kevin Feige Talks Mid-Credits Sequence

It’s finally time. Captain America: Civil War, arriving off the back of an appropriately massive – and in many ways divisive – marketing campaign, lands in North America today, May 6.

Eyeing a huge opening on the level of Joss Whedon’s record-shattering Avengers, it’ll be fascinating to see what the weekend has in store for Joe and Anthony Russo’s barnstorming threequel. Reaching such a point represents the end of a journey for the Russo brothers, along with Civil War screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who spoke with /Film recently about the scenes that didn’t quite make the cut.


Boasting a running time close to two-and-a-half hours, it’s a testimony to Markus and McFeely’s screenplay that Civil War largely zips along at an entertaining pace, culminating in the mother of all airport battles. Nevertheless, Marvel’s creators did nip and tuck the script to manage that multi-faceted plot, and here they discuss two scenes that were left on the cutting room floor.

Per /Film:

McFeely: Nothing that we miss. The brothers pride themselves on shooting only what they need, but shooting the hell out of it.

Markus: I don’t think there’s anything we shot…We wrote some fun…There was a point where we went all the way with Scott Lang in San Francisco and got to have a little more taste of what his life was like, and it was fun to write for us. But it was unnecessary, so it never made it to the camera.

In a separate interview with Cinema Blend, Marvel head honcho and all-round MCU expert Kevin Feige weighed in on Civil War‘s mid-credits sequence. Fair warning, the quote below contains mild spoilers.

“That was always sort of the idea for the end of the movie, and as the movie was being developed, it felt like it would be additionally cool to have that happen in Wakanda – a super advanced place. They’ve got something that he could go in. And also, it speaks to Panther’s arc. The person that he was out to kill early in the movie, he’s now nobly helping. And then, of course, that led organically to a cool moment, where Cap can go, ‘Thanks for doing this, but they’re going to come get you.’”

Before circling back to Wakanda, though, next up for the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be an origins tale revolving around one Doctor Strange. Look for Scott Derrickson’s mind-bending feature to drop in November while Captain America: Civil War, buoyed by stellar reviews, makes its North American bow today, May 6.