Captain America: Civil War Directors On Why Iron Man Recruits Spidey; IMAX Featurette Emerges


It’s a superheroic relationship that looks set to stretch beyond the parameters of Captain America: Civil War, now that Robert Downey Jr. is locked for next year’s Spider-Man: Homecomingand for good reason, Marvelites are chomping at the bit to learn more of Tony Stark and Peter Parker’s newfound bond.

Shedding some light on that duo today was Civil War co-director Joe Russo, who spoke with Screen Rant about Tony Stark’s inherent narcissism, and why that feeds into his burning desire to ensure Tom Holland’s Spider-Man stands alongside him once the chips are down and gloves are off.

To begin, the filmmaker admitted “there’s a certain narcissism to the character and Tony doesn’t want to lose this fight, and at the same time I think he also sees Spider-Man as the greatest living non-lethal weapon. If you’re going out to capture a bunch of people who you don’t necessarily want to hurt, you couldn’t ask for a better character than Spider-Man to take with you.”

Bouncing off that, Russo also draws attention to how Tony Stark is well award of Spider-Man’s innate power.

“He does show up and illustrate that Spider-Man, he knows how powerful he is,” said Russo. “In a video we see Spider-Man stopping a car moving 40 miles an hour, where he catches it and puts it back on the ground, so I think he believes that he’s taking with him perhaps one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe, and I think he feels like the kid will be well-protected under his tutelage. You also find out in that sequence, when things go wrong the kid says, ‘What do I do?’ and Tony says, ‘Keep your distance, web ’em up.’ So he’s obviously mentored the kid for what’s about to go down.”

Captain America: Civil War is finally on the verge of release. Expect Joe and Anthony Russo’s monumental sequel to premiere on May 6, while our own verdict will hit We Got This Covered in the coming days.