The 8 Best Fight Scenes In Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War is a huge movie, and one that’s packed with incredible fight scenes from start to finish. None of Marvel’s releases have been short on action, of course, but pitting The Avengers against each other is obviously a lot different to the team, or indeed the individual heroes who make up the group, squaring off with just another bad guy. So, as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes go to war with each other (whether they’re new or familiar faces), which of this movie’s battles stand out from the rest as being the best.


While it would be easy to put Captain America: Civil War‘s 17 minute long IMAX sequence at #1 and leave it that, what you’ll find here is a breakdown of all the movie’s biggest individual fight scenes, with a look at what makes these particular exchanges great and what surprising ramifications many of them are likely to have on the MCU’s future…