Ranking The New Characters Of Captain America: Civil War

8) Redwing


OK, Falcon’s handy drone isn’t technically a new character, but it is based off an actual animal in the comics, so we can just about count it. Though we have seen him in two films previously (Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron), this was really our first proper look at Sam Wilson as a fully-fledged superhero. Given this, it was great to see his skillset get an upgrade with this new robotic toy.


As I said above, Redwing is actually a living, breathing falcon in the source material, something which would have been nice to see in the movies, but we can understand why they made the alteration. That being said, we’re sure audiences could buy into one of the superheroes having a pet bird, seeing as they’ve already accepted a Norse God with a magic hammer. But hey, what do we know?