Captain America: Civil War Concept Art Reveals Wasp’s Debut In The Film


She almost made the cut for The Avengers back when Joss Whedon was in control of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, before ultimately being unveiled to the world during Ant-Man and the Wasp.

But it seems Hope Van Dyne’s miniature alter-ego came within arm’s reach of clinching a minor role in Captain America: Civil War, the Marvel mash-up from Joe and Anthony Russo that essentially drove a wedge between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark and, well, let’s just say the beloved duo haven’t been the same since.

For Wasp, though, never-before-seen concept art from Andy Park has today revealed a little more insight into Marvel’s early vision for Hope Van Dyne, who can be seen battling Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) alongside her one true partner-in-crime, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd).

It certainly makes for an interesting shake-up to the Civil War dynamic, as the Russo Brothers’ ensemble piece also heralded the first big-screen appearance for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man – Hope Van Dyne, of course, made her MCU bow during the original Ant-Man film, but here we’re focusing solely on superhero appearances.

Alas, as Park so rightly points out, Evangeline Lilly’s character was better served with a fully-fledged headline role opposite Paul Rudd’s micro Marvel hero. Sure, Ant-Man and the Wasp isn’t the most memorable MCU installment ever made, but its story, one of reality-altering physics and the Quantum Realm, will likely have major repercussions on the wider Marvel universe – repercussions that will only become clear on May 3rd.

Evangeline Lilly’s Wasp will reconvene with the remainder of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when Avengers 4 drops into theaters in 2019, and word on the street suggests Marvel is now on the verge of hitting ‘publish’ on that very first teaser trailer.

Source: Andy Park