Gorgeous Captain America Fan Poster Pays Heartfelt Tribute To Chris Evans


The Marvel fanbase has been in a sentimental mood this week after Chris Evans took to Twitter to announce that his scenes had wrapped for the upcoming Avengers 4, essentially bringing the actor’s eight-year run as Captain America to a close.

Twitter users have responded with an outpouring of affection, commemorating Evans for his contributions to the Marvel saga with the trending hashtag #ThankYouChrisEvans. These words of appreciation are the only four to feature on this new fan poster, which also came with the accompanying text: “He will always be #CaptainAmerica.”

Just as Evans casts a long shadow on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his silhouette stretches over Cap’s trademark shield and to the bottom of the image, forming what appears to be Steve Rogers stood in a salute.

The continuing flood of Chris Evans tributes has also included such big names as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and fellow movie superhero Ryan Reynolds, the latter of whom confessed to be weeping after reading the star’s send-off message. He’s probably not the only one, since many users on Twitter have taken Evans’ post as a sign that his character isn’t going to live to see the end of Avengers 4. That remains to be seen, but whatever finale the Russo Brothers have planned for Steve, you can be sure that there’ll be many a tearful viewer in the theater next year.

As the last film of Marvel’s Phase 3, the sequel to Infinity War will serve as a passing of the torch, as Phase 1 heroes like Evans and Chris Hemsworth seemingly bow out of the series. We’ll see how Avengers 4 plans to make this transition to the next era of superhero cinema when it hits theaters on May 3rd, 2019.

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