Captain America And Wonder Woman Share A Dance In Awesome Fan Art


Marvel and DC unite once again in new fan art which depicts Captain America and Wonder Woman sharing a dance in their respective superhero costumes.

When it comes to the world of heroes, there are some of them whose importance takes precedence over the rest. Steve Rogers and Diana Prince are a prime example of this, one of whom is the leader of the Avengers and the other an integral part of the Justice League. And thanks to the cinematic universes of both parties, the two characters have also had a huge presence in pop culture over the past decade. Captain America made his debut in 2011’s The First Avenger, played by Chris Evans. Meanwhile, Gal Gadot brought the Amazonian Goddess to life in Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman in 2016.

While the two don’t share a lot of similarities at first glance, there are several narrative elements that bind these characters together. For one thing, when you take a look at their initial cinematic outing, the stories both took place in a World War and featured a guy named Steve who sacrificed himself by blowing up in a plane. Even the sequels, The Winter Soldier and WW84, include a plot point where a loved one (Steve Trevor and Bucky Barnes) returns from the dead.

And now, the two heroes have come together in some new fan art to share a fiery dance, literally. See for yourself below:

It would be pretty amazing to see the two team up at some point, even if it’s in one of those strange crossover events. In Alon Chou’s rendition of this confrontation, as seen above, Captain America and Wonder Woman seem to become pretty close, which would have unfortunate implications for their love interests.

At any rate, the story of Steve Roger may have come to a close in Avengers: Endgame, but Wonder Woman still has a long way to go with saving the world from catastrophic events, the next chapter of which will arrive this October.