Captain Marvel 2 Theory Says The Film May Set Up Galactus For Phase 5

Captain Marvel

It isn’t exactly a secret that a lot of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans haven’t exactly been thrilled with Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers, even if launching countless petitions to try and have her removed from the role seems a little excessive. Despite the objections of a small minority of keyboard warriors though, Captain Marvel is here to stay, and only looks set to play an even bigger role in the franchise moving forward.

However, one of the justifiable concerns that people have over the character is that she’s almost too over-powered, to the point where the MCU doesn’t have a lot of villains at their disposal that could pose a realistic threat to someone who disappeared for almost the entirety of Avengers: Endgame before blowing a massive spaceship to pieces and almost taking out Thanos single-handedly when she returned.

Of course, Marvel Studios aren’t exactly renowned for the dramatic stakes of their output, but whoever ends up as the big bad in Captain Marvel 2 should at least be believable enough to cause the title heroine some trouble before they’re dealt with, and now a new theory puts forward the idea of using the sequel as the MCU’s first stepping stone towards the long-awaited introduction of Galactus.

As per the theory, using the Heralds of Galactus in Captain Marvel 2 would not only give Danvers multiple villains to fend off that all have a unique set of abilities, but it would also make it clear that the Devourer of Worlds is lurking in the background, waiting for the time to strike. This could double as a way to bring the Silver Surfer into the MCU as well, while previous Heralds in the comic books include Thor’s Destroyer and Nova, someone that’s been rumored for their big screen debut for a while now.

While the studio could just revert to formula and use another one-and-done villain of the week, with Captain Marvel 2 set to further expand the cosmic side of the MCU and continue reinforcing Danvers’ credentials as one of the franchise’s marquee names, there’s also the very real possibility that Kevin Feige and his team have something much larger in store.