Captain Marvel 2 Will Reportedly Introduce Nova To The MCU


We’ve known for a while that Nova has been on the minds of the MCU’s architects. With the future of the franchise teasing more cosmic action, Richard Rider and his Nova Force powers would be a great way to explore the little-seen corners of the MCU glimpsed in the space-based movies. The Russo Brothers even said that the character had already secretly debuted in Avengers: Endgame, only to clarify soon after that they were joking.

But now, rumors are mounting that the hero will be introduced in Captain Marvel 2The precise details of what the sequel will be about are still unknown, but on paper, the two characters seem like a good match for one another. After all, both are regular humans granted amazing cosmic powers, both exist in the cosmic corners of the MCU and they share broadly similar goals.

If the film shows Richard Rider as a high school student receiving the Nova Force, it would make for a nice mentor/student relationship as Carol teaches him the dangers and responsibilities of cosmic power. Assuming that Captain Marvel 2 will be set after the events of Avengers: Endgame, the film would see the heroine completely confident with her powers and an experienced warrior. Rumors suggest that the sequel will indeed follow this pattern, too, showing Nova being trained in space by Danvers under the supervision of Nick Fury.

This intel comes via The Lords of the Long Box’s weekly show on YouTube. I’ve got no idea of the provenance of their information, and Captain Marvel 2 is still a very long way off. However, it’s certain that the creative team is already bouncing ideas off one another and I’d imagine there are at least a couple of spec scripts at various stages of completion. So, who knows? This could turn out to be true. Regardless, we’ll keep our ear close to the ground for more on Nova and see if this story has legs.