Here’s How Captain Marvel Connects To Avengers: Endgame


The new Captain Marvel takes the action all the way back to the ‘90s, allowing its story to unfold in its own relatively isolated point on the MCU timeline. Nonetheless, as the post-credits of Avengers: Infinity War strongly indicated, Carol Danvers’ solo debut also holds some noteworthy connections to the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, and since we’ll be discussing those connections here, those hoping to go into Captain Marvel spoiler-free best stop reading now.

Naturally, as the trailers and TV spots made very clear, Nick Fury’s pager from the Infinity War post-credits appears once more in the new movie. And as it turns out, the device was upgraded by Carol herself using Kree tech, allowing Nick to contact her if the situation ever called for it.

Speaking of which, the post-credits of Captain Marvel sees Carol answer Fury’s distress call and show up at the Avengers HQ. Interestingly, while Captain America is shown to be clean-shaven in all of the Endgame promotional footage, he’s still boasting his Infinity War beard during the post-credits scene, indicating that Carol will meet up with the Avengers early on in the events of Endgame, if not before the film even begins. Another detail revealed in the post-credits is that Captain Marvel is now wearing a slightly different costume, which includes some new gold shoulder pads and an altered logo at the center of her chest.

For something a little more story-related, Captain Marvel also reveals that the titular heroine got her powers from an Infinity Stone – namely, the Tesseract. This gives Carol an intriguing connection to Thanos, who famously used this and the other five stones to wipe out half of all life from the universe. Lastly, as most of us predicted, it turns out that Captain Marvel was indeed the inspiration for the Avengers Initiative, even helping Nick Fury to come up with a name for the program.

Beyond all that, there may well be further connections between Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame (could a grown-up Monica Rambeau be about to enter the picture?) but we won’t know them all until Marvel’s Phase 3 finale hits theaters on April 26th.

Source: Screen Rant