Explaining Captain Marvel’s Post-Credits Scene

Captain Marvel

Though you wouldn’t think it after seeing that Carol-free trailer and TV spot, Captain Marvel will actually have a pretty big role in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame. But while it’s all well and good that Captain America and the rest of the gang now have a powerful new ally to help them take down Thanos, one of the biggest questions that remains is where exactly has Brie Larson’s heroine been all this time.

We’ll no doubt find out the answer to that once Endgame arrives in theaters, but thanks to Captain Marvel‘s post-credits scene, we at least get a tease of the moment when Carol finally comes face to face with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. If you’ve seen the film already, you’ll know that the sequence in question actually has some pretty big implications for the MCU as a whole. After all, it is the final movie before Endgame hits, so that was always to be expected.

The scene itself is a short one, but takes place in Avengers Compound shortly after the events of Infinity War, and we see Captain America, Black Widow, War Machine and Bruce Banner examining Nick Fury’s pager which he used to contact Carol in the aforementioned film. They’re trying to figure out what exactly its purpose is and who he contacted with it. It’s at that moment that Ms. Danvers enters the room, and as she looks Nat directly in the face, she has just one question: “Where’s Fury?”

In terms of what this all means, well, there’s nothing too cryptic here. We get some confirmation that Captain Marvel will come across the Avengers pretty soon into Endgame though and that she most definitely received Nick’s page. Not only that, but if she’s crossing paths with them near the start of the film, she’ll obviously have a pretty large role to play in the battle against Thanos. Then again, given that she’s the MCU’s most powerful hero, that was to be expected.

What’s also interesting to note is that when we see Cap here, he’s still got his beard. In the Endgame trailers though, he’s already clean shaven. So, we can presume that this scene takes place before what we’ve seen in the promos, which really only spawns more questions about just what exactly the plan to defeat Thanos is and what Carol’s part in it is.

But regardless of how this all gets resolved in Endgame, it’s nice to see Captain Marvel setting things up like it does and audiences will no doubt get a thrill from finally getting to watch Larson’s hero sharing the screen with a few of the Avengers in the film’s post-credits scene.