New Captain Marvel Filming Location Fuels Those Monica Rambeau Rumors


Captain Marvel is set to bring back several old faces from the MCU’s past, such as Nick Fury, Phil Coulson and Ronan the Accuser, but rumor has it that it’ll also feature a new character who could well prove to be a prominent player in the future of the franchise. Namely, Monica Rambeau, a superheroine who, amongst other things, has become Captain Marvel herself for a time in the comics.

The rumors that she’ll appear in the Brie Larson-fronted origins movie started back when DeWanda Wise was cast as a friend of Carol Danvers and fellow US Air Force pilot. Marvel kept quiet about the exact nature of the character, but the actress’ strong likeness to Monica made fans feel pretty confident that they’d worked it out.

In the end, though, Wise was forced to leave the production due to scheduling conflicts with her Netflix series She’s Gotta Have It. So instead, British actress Lashana Lynch stepped in to fill the mysterious role.

Now, another piece of evidence that Monica will appear in the movie has come our way. Omega Underground’s reporting that Captain Marvel‘s production is headed to New Orleans next month – specifically, filming will move to the Baton Rouge area. Louisiana is a fairly common shooting location, so that doesn’t necessarily mean some of CM will actually be set there, but it would make sense if Monica, a Louisiana native. is indeed involved.

For those who don’t know, Rambeau’s had a long and storied history over the past 35 years. With the power to generate and absorb energy, Monica’s gone by many superhero names including Photon, Spectrum and, as we said, Captain Marvel. She’s also a long-running member of the Avengers, and the first African-American woman on their roster. The same would be true of the MCU version of the team, too, if she does indeed make her debut in next year’s Captain Marvel

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