Kevin Feige Outlines Nick Fury’s Crucial Role In Captain Marvel


Despite some back and forth on the matter, Samuel L. Jackson’s barking commander Nick Fury, otherwise known as the founding father of The Avengers, does have a role to play in the standalone Captain Marvel movie. And a big one at that.

That’s according to Kevin Feige, who spoke to Variety during the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War that took place last night in Los Angeles – for the record, the sequel has since screened for critics, and you’ll be able to pore over the spoiler-free verdicts right here.

Getting back to Carol Danvers, though, Feige is confident that next year’s Captain Marvel will introduce the strongest superhero the MCU has ever seen, which is really saying something given the current character roster. Brie Larson’s heroine has brought company, too, what with Agent Coulson and Nick Fury both expected to appear in the 90s-set standalone film.

And it’s the latter, in particular, who will enjoy a pretty prominent role opposite Larson:

To see a version of Nick Fury who has reached a point in his career where he thought the Cold War is over, you know, the best days are behind him. And certain things he encounters in this movie, it sets him on the path where that leads us to where we are 19 films later.

That’s exciting in and of itself considering the duo shared the screen for last year’s Kong: Skull Island. But make no mistake, Brie Larson’s former Air Force pilot is the star of the show, and she’s about to bring something a little different to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Feige continued:

You’re going to get the most powerful superhero we’ve ever introduced and what I think is one of the most unique and inspiring origin stories. We are a little less than halfway through filming now. We had an early call time this morning so they could finish and get here for the premiere tonight and then they’ll be back early tomorrow. It’s going extremely well, and it’s a great cast on that film.

Captain Marvel has been cleared for take-off. Estimated time of arrival? March 8th, 2019.