Captain Marvel Merch Confirms That Goose The Cat’s An Alien


We haven’t seen Captain Marvel yet, but it already has a breakout star. Nope, it’s not Brie Larson’s titular heroine or Nick Fury or even Phil Coulson. It’s Carol Danvers’ cat Goose, who’s featured heavily in the marketing for the movie. There’s also a lot of Goose-themed merch lined up, including a stuffed toy version of the Captain’s feline friend which reveals a shock twist. That being that Goose is an alien.

In the snap of the toy below, you can see that the otherwise innocuous-looking cat has blue tendrils coming out of her mouth. This confirms that while her name might be changed from the comics, Goose will still retain her extraterrestrial origins in the MCU.

As comic book readers will know, Goose is called Chewie – yes, after Chewbacca – on the page. Despite her appearance, she’s actually a Flerken, an alien species that resemble Earth cats except for the fact that they have pocket dimensions inside their mouths in which they incubate their enormous litter of eggs and also their reams of tentacles which they use for offensive capabilities.

This is a pretty crazy idea, so we weren’t sure if the filmmakers behind Captain Marvel were going to stick with it. In a franchise that already features Rocket Raccoon, though, maybe we should have had more faith. The toy makes it look like they might have toned down the tentacles a little for the movie, but that might just be a decision for the merch so as not to scare kids.

However Goose is handled, we’ve heard lots of good things already about the character. Early reactions to Captain Marvel point to her being a standout fan favorite and she’s also already endeared herself to Fury, who’s seen cooing and petting her in the trailers. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agent might not be so fond of her, though, when he discovers her true nature.

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