First Captain Marvel Reaction Teases An Unexpected Standout Character


With just over five weeks to go until it hits cinemas, Captain Marvel has been screened for a lucky few individuals. So how did this early look at Marvel’s first female-led superhero movie go down? Well, it’s too soon for a full review to surface, but we do know who the standout character of Brie Larson’s film might be. And no, it’s not Carol Danvers. Or Nick Fury. Or even Phil Coulson or Jude Law’s Mar-Vell.

Collider’s Steve Weintraub took to Twitter to talk about what he’d heard about the Captain Marvel screening, revealing that the folks who saw it say that Carol’s cat Goose was the true star. “Hearing #creened. After it ended everyone was talking about the cat,” Weintraub wrote, attaching a GIF of the moment from the trailer where Fury pets Goose. “Stole the show. Must. See. This. Movie. Stat.”

Goose has already made a big impression from his brief appearance in the trailer, with fans suggesting he could be Captain Marvel‘s equivalent of Baby Groot, a cute mascot for the movie that everyone loves. He’s even got his own character posters, toys and merch. Also, it isn’t everyday that Fury finds something adorable.

In the comics, Carol’s cat is named Chewie, after Chewbacca. Even though – or maybe because – Star Wars and Marvel are both Disney properties, someone felt the need to change the name for the cat’s MCU adaptation. “Goose” is a nod to the character of the same name from Top Gun, one of the 1990s action movies that we’ve been told Captain Marvel will draw inspiration from.

Presumably, aside from Goose’s success, the CM screening went well in general. After all, Weintraub does say that he “Must. See. This. Movie,” which suggests he’s heard good things about it. In any case, we’ll get to find out for ourselves when Captain Marvel soars into cinemas on March 8th.