Captain Marvel Theory Says General Ross Is A Skrull With Big Plans


Next year’s Captain Marvel may mark the moment where the green-skinned species known as the Skrull are officially introduced into the MCU, but given the shape-shifting abilities of this villainous group, it’s quite possible that we’ve seen these creatures on the big screen already but just haven’t known it.

This potential for deception has sent much of the fanbase into a state of paranoia, accusing everyone from Thor to Pepper Potts of being aliens in disguise. One name that’s come up more than once in these theories though is Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross, whose meddling in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has usually done more harm than good. A new post on Reddit argues for this idea, before going one further to suggest what the General may have had in mind for all these years.

User Camzabob first recaps a couple of the main points from the case made against Ross:

  • He is in favour of the accords, trying to split the Avengers up to weaken them before a possible invasion.
  • His first appearance in The Incredible Hulk, he tries to actively stop the Hulk, who would be problematic in the event of an invasion.

It would certainly make sense for the Skrulls to want to get Earth’s Mightiest Heroes out of the way before they initiate their attack, but could the star of The Incredible Hulk and Captain America: Civil War have further plans in mind? The Redditor turns to the comic books for answers:

  • In the comics, the Super Skrull has the abilities of all four members of the Fantastic Four, flame powers and flight, invisibility, stretchiness and most notably in this theory, the strength and arms of the Thing.

Since the Fantastic Four aren’t legally a part of the MCU quite yet, Camzabob suggests that Bruce Banner could instead prove inadvertently useful in his abilities:

  • I propose that General Ross was trying to get Hulk DNA to infuse a Super Skrull with the DNA of the Hulk
  • It may be possibly that he got his hands on some DNA and if the Super Skrull appears, they’d have Hulk strength and arms (and instead of FF abilities, OG 6 Avengers abilities), but, here’s what I think would be neat…
  • Have the Super Skrull infused with Abomination DNA, giving him that look instead. And, instead of Fantastic Four abilities, have him have previous villain powers instead.

While the evidence is pretty thin for this idea, it could certainly make for a fun way of establishing Skrulls as an integrated part of the MCU, while bringing the series full circle back to its earliest installments. I guess we’ll see if the Skrulls find similar success in putting down roots in our government institutions when Captain Marvel comes out on March 8th, 2019.

Source: Reddit