Tessa Thompson And Brie Larson’s Lesbian Comments Go Viral

Brie Larson

During a recent panel at ACE Comic Con, Tessa Thompson and Brie Larson were asked when we might see some lesbian characters in the MCU, and while the Valkyrie and Captain Marvel actresses were careful to give nothing away, their response has still managed to send ripples across social media.

Initially, Thompson deflected from the question by remarking on how excited she is to see Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster wielding the hammer in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. As the panel drew to a close, Larson was then asked if she had any final thoughts, to which she replied:

“How do I top lesbians?”

It was at this point that Thompson jumped in with an answer that left the crowd screaming:

“I’m sure the lesbians could show you right after this panel.”

You can catch the exchange in the Twitter video below, which has already managed to get over 12,000 retweets and over 60,000 likes since it was posted over the weekend.

On a related note, Thompson and Larson also used their ACE panel as an opportunity to once more push for a relationship between Valkyrie and Carol Danvers – a ship that’s been popular with certain parts of the Marvel fandom ever since Captain Marvel arrived in cinemas earlier this year.

Nonetheless, both actresses claimed ignorance about the future of their characters in the MCU, and they’re likely to keep quiet on such matters until Marvel Studios is ready to make some official announcements. Nonetheless, you can expect to see Valkyrie again when Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on November 5th, 2021, by which point, we’ll more than likely have a release date set for the inevitable Captain Marvel 2.