Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson Teases New Project With Tessa Thompson

Brie Larson

Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson’s friendship is beloved by Marvel fans everywhere, but to date they haven’t had much to do with each other in the MCU – outside of the brief A-Force scene in Avengers: Endgame. There’s a lot of hope that Captain Marvel and Valkyrie will team up in a future entry of the franchise’s Phase 4, then, and those keeping their fingers crossed might be excited to learn that Larson is teasing that she’s working on a project with Thompson.

The Oscar-winning actress responded to a fan post spreading the love for the duo’s double act on Twitter, revealing that “We’re cooking something up…” Unsurprisingly, Larson’s tweet went viral, with over 40K likes at the time of writing.

Obviously, Brie doesn’t have to be talking about a Marvel project here. In fact, it’s most likely that she’s not, given the studio’s fondness for withholding their secrets. Some are wondering if Thompson could be an upcoming guest on Larson’s YouTube channel, then. That might be all it is, but they could also be developing a movie together. After all, Larson previously directed and starred in Unicorn Store with another MCU alum, Samuel L. Jackson, and it’s possible she’s got her latest directorial effort in the works and she’s going to cast Thompson in it

Even if she isn’t hinting at an MCU team-up with this tweet, Marvel must’ve been listening to all the calls for a Carol Danvers/Valkyrie partnership and could have something up their sleeves. Thompson will return in Thor: Love and Thunder, where Valkyrie will be looking for her queen of Asgard, and it’s been heavily rumored that Captain Marvel will have a cameo in the pic.

Of course, Brie Larson will likely cameo in this year’s Ms. Marvel TV series as well, before we see her as Carol Danvers again in her own solo sequel, which is coming in November 2022.