Carrie Sends Her Momma A Terrifying Mother’s Day Card


You’d not be wrong for thinking that Carrie probably doesn’t have a big sense of humour. What with being bullied at school and having a Mother whose love for the lord borders on fanatic. It’s most likely a challenge for the poor girl to unwind and have a good old laugh. It appears that this weekend she’s letting it all go by sending her Mother a horrific card for Mother’s Day. This sort of greeting would earn most of us a clip round the ear and no pocket money. Carrie doesn’t give a toot though.

Screen Gems, the folks behind the Carrie remake, have really gone all out this time. They’ve cultivated a marketing campaign unlike any other this writer can recall in recent years. Sure, there’s been the usual trailers and posters but there’s also been a flood of Carrie’s poems, a mysterious copy of her birth certificate and best of all, there’s a phone hotline  you can call up to speak to Carrie. Today’s Mother’s Day card is just another great reminder that the film is on its way.

Based on Stephen King’s 1974 book, Kimberly Peirce takes the reins as director. In what is being touted as a more faithful adaptation to the novel, the story is still as relevant now as it was back then. Chloe Grace Moretz stars as Carrie, a teenage girl who on the cusp of her first period discovers that she possesses a telekinetic ability. She can move stuff with her mind. Sadly, as all outcasts can relate, there’s few excuses for bullies to torment you and make your life hell. Carrie suffers at the hands of her peers, as she struggles to manage her burgeoning womanhood, her frothy-mouthed mother (Julianne Moore) and her telekinesis.

The remake of Carrie hits US theatres on October 18th, 2013, and lands in the UK on November 29th.