Catherine Hardwicke To Direct The Bitch Posse

Fresh off her brilliant take on the story of Red Riding Hood, director Catherine Hardwicke is moving onward to helm an adaptation of Martha O’Connor’s novel “The Bitch Posse,” which focuses on high school seniors Cherry, Amy and Rennie as friends from troubled homes who form a “dangerous alliance” that they call the Bitch Posse. There wouldn’t be a story, though, if there weren’t some trouble involved as something happens between the three that tears apart their friendship and haunts them into their adult years.

Based upon what I’ve learned about the novel, it cross cuts between the girls’ high school lives and where they’re at in adulthood, in which one is in a mental institution, another a promiscuous failed writer and one who is stuck in a horrible marriage. Within all of this drama, it seems that Hardwicke is really trying to distance herself from ever directing a Twilight film and returning to what we all know her for, great films such as Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown.

(Source: Deadline)