Channing Tatum Remains “Fully Committed” To Gambit, According To Reports


Channing Tatum’s commitment to Fox’s long-gestating Gambit movie was seemingly put to the sword earlier this week, when reports emerged that the Jump Street actor was eyeing a role in the DC Extended Universe.

Lending credence to those rumors was the fact that Gambit has displayed little-to-no signs of progress over the past few years – Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt bowed out of the solo movie, resulting in a second delay to production.


But now, citing a “deeply embedded source” at 20th Century Fox, Latino-Review has rubbished reports that Tatum was on the verge of exiting the mutant spinoff. Interestingly, the outlet doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility that the actor is in line to join Warner and DC’s budding universe, but stopped short of revealing exactly which movie that Tatum is reportedly being courted for.

Circling back to Gambit, however, it’s understood that Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman remains attached at the helm and is currently tweaking the film’s screenplay. There’s also the small matter of The Wall, Liman’s movie that has set up shop at Amazon which, for the time being, is considered priority for the filmmaker before work on Fox’s long-in-development solo flick can begin in earnest.

Originally slated for a release in October of this year, Fox has ostensibly delayed Gambit indefinitely until both Liman and Tatum have their eyes sight on a production start date. In the meantime, the latter will soon leap into action in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, while there’s also Sony’s crossover bonanza MIB 23 on the cards.