Channing Tatum Shares Naked BTS Photo From New Action Comedy

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum recently joked that he’d need to become a better actor so he can stop making movies that require him to take his shirt off, but based on the behind the scenes image he’s shared from upcoming action comedy The Lost City of D, that day isn’t going to be arriving anytime soon.

Adam and Aaron Nee are directing the blockbuster for Paramount, who hope that it’ll launch a money-spinning franchise, and based on the talent involved, there’s every chance that The Lost City of D will be a major success. Sandra Bullock plays a romance novelist who goes on a book tour to promote her latest work, only to discover much to her dismay that the air-headed cover model is also along for the ride, which is where Tatum fits in.

The duo then find themselves the victims of a botched kidnapping attempt, forcing them to go on the run in the middle of the jungle where action, comedy, romance, and based on the photo you can see below, nakedness will follow.

On top of the star powered central pairing of Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, The Lost City of D also boasts Daniel Radcliffe as the villain with A Simple Favor‘s Patti Harrison and Dolemite Is My Name‘s Da’Vine Joy Randolph in supporting roles, while Brad Pitt has also signed on to make a mystery cameo appearance along the way. An old school adventure in the vein of Romancing the Stone with plenty of A-list talent attached sounds like a guaranteed way to draw in audiences, while the promise of yet more shirtless Channing Tatum should ensure that the Magic Mike crowd will flock to the theater on opening day.