One Of These Characters Won’t Survive Avengers 4


Believe it or not, we’re quickly approaching the release of Avengers: Infinity War. Joe and Anthony Russo’s landmark event movie is currently on course for a debut on May 4th, 2018, and it’ll herald the advent of Josh Brolin’s Mad Titan and his squadron of galactic accomplices.

Yes, after much foreshadowing, we know Thanos to be the primary antagonist of the Russo Brothers’ ensemble piece, who wages an Infinity War to bring ‘balance’ back to the universe. Standing in his way though are Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, along with some of their newfound allies: Spider-Man, for one, along with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and more.

Juggling such a huge ensemble cast is no mean feat, and the Russos will be bringing all of their filmmaking experience to bear when orchestrating Marvel’s Infinity War. The crammed cast list has also led many to believe that a couple of individuals will bite the bullet by the time the studio’s done with Phase 3 and that’s something that’s now been confirmed by the directors themselves.

According to Cinema Facts, the Russos have teased that not everyone will live until the end of Avengers 4 and apparently, it will be one of these characters who won’t survive:

So, who exactly might be meeting their maker by the time Phase 3 comes to a close? Well, we can definitely rule out the “Possibly everyone” option, for starters, and given that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has already been confirmed, we can also cross Drax and Gamora off the list, too. That leaves us with Cap, Thanos, Vision and Iron Man, then, and quite frankly, any one of them could die.

Thanos seems like the most plausible option as he’s the big bad and we know that in Phase 4, the MCU will be faced with a different threat/main antagonist. Then again, perhaps the Mad Titan isn’t actually killed in Avengers 4. After all, some fan theories believe that he’s too powerful to be killed and will instead be dealt with another way.

Chalk that up as speculation for now, but like we mentioned above, we can easily see Cap, Iron Man and Vision meeting their end, as well. After all, we know that the first two are definitely on their way out of the franchise in the near future and Paul Bettany’s character has been rumored to be one of Thanos’ victims for a while now.

Whatever ends up happening, we must say that we’re glad to hear that some important characters will be killed off. It’s not that we necessarily want to see them go, but for all of the MCU’s highlights – and there are quite a few – it’s fair to say that Marvel could be a bit more ruthless when it comes to on-screen deaths. In fact, that’s something that James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) addressed head-on recently, when he stressed that the MCU needs to raise the stakes if it’s to retain everyone’s attention.

“I think part of that is also the natural evolution of the series. You can’t keep making movies that are too similar. You can’t make the same movie over and over again. If Marvel is going to survive, they have to start making movies with characters who are a little different. They have to start allowing characters to die. They have to start having stakes really mean something if they want people to stay interested.”

But no one really dies in comics, right? Expect Avengers: Infinity War to flip the MCU upside down on May 4th, 2018, with Avengers 4 following it on May 3rd, 2019.