Here’s How Charlie Hunnam Could Look As The DCEU’s Green Arrow

Charlie Hunnam Green Arrow

Though the DC Extended Universe has featured its fair share of notable names from the world of comic books to this point, one glaring omission is that of Green Arrow. In fact, we’re still waiting on this beloved hero to make his way to the silver screen in any form, as he’s been relegated to television to thus far.

Considering how The CW’s Arrow is about to commence its eighth and final season beginning this October, the door is certainly open for Oliver Queen to make the jump to a major motion picture. Believe it or not, there’s already been some chatter of that happening sooner rather than later.

Continuing on that note, Charlie Hunnam has supposedly been eyed for the role, and there’s even been some fan art depicting him as the Emerald Archer this early in the game. And thanks to “g_reenzo” on Instagram, another possible look into the crystal ball can be found below.

As you can see, the Green Arrow’s default costume as seen in the Injustice 2 video game was used as the template, though certain details were borrowed from Stephen Amell’s suit. Regardless, you have to admit this piece looks pretty sharp.

But when it comes to how Ollie will be introduced into the DCEU, nothing has been set in stone at the time of this writing. The prevailing thought is he could feature in the rumored Black Canary solo film though, which does seem like a fine time to introduce him because of their enduring romance in other media.

In the opinion of this writer though, a character who’s been around since 1941 deserves a more prominent role, as I’d prefer to see some sort of Green Arrow/Black Canary flick. And when you factor in how decisions change with the direction of the wind over in Burbank, we can’t rule out the possibility of such a thing happening.