Here’s How Charlie Hunnam Could Look As The Next Wolverine


Having watched Hugh Jackman spend numerous movies making the Wolverine character his own, a lot of fans would probably see it as an act of sacrilege if the role was ever recast, but now that the X-Men property is about to get a coat of fresh paint under Marvel Studios, it’s surely less a question of if we’ll be getting a new Logan, but rather when, and more importantly, which actor will be bringing the mutant to life?

As it turns out, there are already a number of stars who’ve thrown their hat into the ring or have been linked to the role in one way or another and though we still have no indication of who Kevin Feige and co. may settle on when the time comes to cast the next Wolverine, that hasn’t stopped the fans from running wild with their imagination.

In fact, just yesterday we got an idea of how Danny DeVito could look in the role – no, really – and now, artist BossLogic has delivered his take on Charlie Hunnam’s Wolverine.

The Sons of Anarchy star has been linked to many different superheroes over his career but has yet to suit up as one. As such, the demand for him to portray Wolvie has been pretty strong and honestly, he’d be far from the worst choice. True, he may not be a household name, but he’s done some solid work across his career and really deserves more fame than he currently has.

In any case, we can guarantee you that it won’t be Jackman who suits up again. In fact, the actor actually hopes that Disney’s acquisition will allow for a younger star to come in and offer his own take on Wolverine.

“I think unfortunately, the ship has sailed for me, but for someone else I would like to see Wolverine in there,” he said.

And we couldn’t agree more. Again, it remains unclear what Kevin Feige and his team’s plans are for the X-Men leader, but sooner or later, fans will have to adjust to the idea of seeing a new Wolverine up on the big screen – whether they like it or not.