Charlie’s Angels Crashes At The Box Office For Second Week In A Row

Charlie's Angels

Disney’s massively-anticipated Frozen II dominated the box office this weekend after opening to a huge $127 million, which is a lot more money than the rest of the top ten managed to earn combined. No other movie stood a chance, with the overwhelming majority of audiences flocking to see the animated sequel, which spelled bad news for the rest of the titles in its wake, with Charlie’s Angels taking a particularly big hit.

Elizabeth Banks’ reboot has become something of a controversy magnet lately, with the outspoken actress/writer/producer/director claiming that everyone who saw Charlie’s Angels loved it, while also blaming the movie’s failure on everything from poor marketing to men’s apparent refusal to watch female-driven action franchises. Of course, she also took some shots at the comic book genre for good measure.

The signs weren’t looking good after Charlie’s Angels suffered a Friday-to-Friday second weekend drop of 69%, and this weekend’s box office numbers make for even more grim reading. The latest iteration of the brand is estimated to have earned just $3.175 million over the last three days, meaning that it’s failed to even crack $14 million domestically after ten days in release.

On a global scale, Charlie’s Angels is sitting at just $43.5 million, which isn’t even enough to recoup the $50 million budget. And that’s not even including marketing costs, so when all is said and done the movie’s going to leave the studio deeply in the red. Based on Banks’ recent statements though, the marketing was virtually non-existent, so the costs shouldn’t be too high. As such, there’s at least one silver lining for what’s become the latest installment in Hollywood’s production line of reboots to tank at the box office.