Charlize Theron celebrates ‘Fast X’ return with BTS images

charlize theron fast & furious
Image via One Race Films

A recurring theme of the most recent Fast & Furious movies has been for the villains to become series regulars, with Charlize Theron’s Cipher gearing up for her third outing in next year’s Fast X.

Following in the footsteps of Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw and John Cena’s Jakob Toretto, the key difference is that Theron’s baddie hasn’t yet sided with Dominic Toretto and the family to switch her allegiance to the side of heroism.

In fact, given her contributions to the eighth and ninth chapters, there’s the distinct possibility the Academy Award winner and famed action hero could even turn out to be The Fast Saga‘s Thanos, a theory that’ll gain a lot more traction should Jason Momoa’s antagonist turn out to be in her employ.

With shooting now underway on the globetrotting blockbuster, Theron revealed the first behind the scenes images from her comeback on Fast X, which you can see below.

Cipher has twice managed to escape from the clutches of Dom and company, with her efforts being thwarted in suitably illogical-yet-spectacular style. With two movies left in the main Fast & Furious run before things draw to a close, the nefarious cyberterrorist’s endgame could be brought into focus at long last.

One of the minor drawbacks regarding Theron’s involvement so far is that she hasn’t been involved in anywhere near as many pyrotechnic set pieces as fans may have expected from someone with her background, credentials, and pedigree, but that’s hopefully something Fast X will be remedying to make the best use possible of a genuine ass-kicking icon.

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