Charlize Theron Says She’d Love To Wrestle For WWE


Following the huge success of The Old Guard, which instantly rocketed to the top of Netflix’s most-watched list on the very same day it was released, Charlize Theron has only further reinforced her credentials as one of the industry’s premiere action stars, one that’s just as capable of delivering an awards-worthy turn in a prestige drama as she is decimating armies of faceless goons while armed to the teeth.

With a sequel to The Old Guard widely expected to be announced imminently, Atomic Blonde 2 in the works at Netflix and her return to the Fast & Furious franchise happening next year, the Academy Award winner seems to be happy to remain in the action genre for a while yet. However, in a recent interview, she teased a future appearance in the most unexpected of places.

Speaking with WWE star Kofi Kingston, Theron went into some detail about her preparations for The Old Guard, and how her background as a ballet dancer made it a little easier for her to master the martial arts training required to play an immortal mercenary, despite her lack of experience in that area.

“I have zero martial arts background. I do have a background in ballet, I was a ballerina for the first part of my life, that was my first career. Strangely, I was a physical storyteller before I was a verbal one. There is an element of being able to play in the genre that reminds me a lot of my first career as a dancer and transforming and being emotional and telling an emotional story but never using your voice, just using your body. That, to me, is very similar, the discipline of ballet reminds me of the discipline of martial arts.”

Upon hearing that answer, Kingston put forward the idea of Mad Max: Fury Road’s leading lady showing up in a WWE ring against some of the company’s top female performers, and Theron seems surprisingly onboard with stepping into the squared circle.

“When and where? I know we’re in a crisis situation right now, so it’s not anytime soon, but that sounds awesome. I will get my ass kicked, and that will be really entertaining for everybody to watch because I am a mere actor, but it would be so much fun.”

Dwayne Johnson, Dave Bautista and John Cena have all made the transition from WWE wrestlers to major players in the movie business, but so far nobody has done the opposite. The wrestling brand has roped in more than their fair share of celebrities for guest appearances over the years though and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they extended an invitation to Charlize Theron after catching wind of her enthusiasm.