Charlize Theron Supports Campaign For Her To Star In LGBT Die Hard Remake

Charlize Theron

Most actors tend to fall into two distinct camps, although there’s a lot of overlap between them. There are the dramatic talents who seek out the most challenging and complex roles to test their chops, and there are those who favor stardom over acclaim and attach themselves to commercial projects and franchise blockbusters on a regular basis.

For example, Tom Cruise has made fifteen movies since he last tackled a straightforward drama, and Vin Diesel has done just four flicks in the last 20 years that weren’t either part of a multi-film series or designed with the intention of launching one. Denzel Washington, meanwhile, is one of the first names that comes to mind when you think of someone who can easily balance prestige drama with pure entertainment, and Charlize Theron is another.

The Hollywood A-lister’s won an Academy Award for Best Actress and been nominated twice more, and has picked up a Golden Globe from six nods, but she’s also one of cinema’s premiere action stars having headlined the likes of Mad Max: Fury Road, Atomic Blonde and Netflix’s recent smash hit The Old Guard. As you may’ve seen, the idea of Theron tackling a female-driven riff on Die Hard gathered some buzz on social media earlier this week, and the 45 year-old was more than onboard with the idea. Not only that, but former New Girl star Hannah Simone also threw her hat into the ring, as you can see below.

Die Hard 6

Of course, a Die Hard remake is tantamount to sacrilege, but based on the reactions, somebody in Hollywood is no doubt trying to put together an LGBT action movie with Charlize Theron attempting to save her wife from danger. Let’s just keep John McTiernan’s classic out of the conversation.