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If you don’t like the Muppets, there’s something seriously wrong with your brain. That’s all there is to it. I’m not a doctor or anything, but I do know funny and I do know felt. Those guys are hilarious.

And for all those human beings out there that do love the Muppets and are herby declared “normal”, there’s been a few announcements made regarding the upcoming sequel to Disney’s 2011 musical extravaganza The Muppets.

Last week we learned that Austrian actor Christoph Waltz is set to play an interpol agent. It was also stated that the film would be a kind of comic caper based in Europe, that their would be new Muppets introduced, that writer/director team Nicholas Stoller and James Bobin had signed on to reprise their roles, and that Jason Segel wouldn’t be making an appearance.

After making you read a whole bunch of things you already know, here’s some stuff you don’t know, straight from the horse’s mouth. And by horse, we mean producer Todd Lieberman, who is not a horse.

  • While the first film was shot in and around Burbank, California, the sequel will be shooting at Pinewood Studio in London.
  • They’ll be filming from late January till sometime in April in and around London.
  • Bret McKenzie is writing new songs for the sequel.
  • Lieberman teased we “might” be getting a new Muppet.  So the big question is how many new characters will appear in the sequel.
  • We can expect a lot more casting announcements very soon.
So, what do you make of those awesome new tidbits? Are you practically giddy for this sequel to emerge in a theatre near you? Are you desperately hoping that Christoph Waltz will do a Chris Cooper and, like, rap or something else equally inappropriate for a man of his age?

Source: Collider

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