Gorgeous New Poster For Live Action Dumbo Remake Flies Online


Disney’s plan to remake their most beloved animation classics in live action has resulted in a non stop parade of hits, with Cinderella, The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast all raking in the cash at the box office. Coming down the line are AladdinThe Lion King and The Little Mermaid, but next on the slate is Tim Burton’s take on the classic tale of a deformed orphan elephant with a humiliating name. I’m talking, of course, about Dumbo.

There’s going to be a new trailer dropping tonight during the CMAs on ABC, so to whet our appetites Disney has released a new poster showcasing everyone’s favorite flying elephant. Now, most of the previous marketing material for the movie has been a bit downbeat, so it’s encouraging to see a strikingly colored circus-themed design front and centre, with Dumbo practically swooping out at the viewer.

While I’m sure the film is going to make a bunch of money (and then some), I think the jury’s still out on whether it’s going to be any good or not. Tim Burton’s had a slightly wobbly career of late and for a long time has been running the risk of pastiching his stripe-y, cartoonishly grotesque style. He’ll no doubt focus the movie on some of the more frightening aspects of the original, too, and I’m curious to see how he’s going to approach the ‘pink elephants on parade’ sequence and the abuse of Dumbo’s mother.

Still, the film can at least boast a seriously impressive cast, including Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito and Eva Green in key roles. Plus, the synopsis makes it sound like we’re not just getting a retelling of the original Dumbo, with plot developments involving the elephant being sold off to a sinister glitzy entertainment venue known as Dreamland.  Sounds exciting, and we’ll know much more later tonight when that trailer hits.