Check Out Synopsis & Images From David Hayter’s Wolves

Wolves are super-in right now, what with their romantic ties to the Twilight series and Liam Neeson going at entire packs with broken bottles strapped to his fingers in The Grey. David Hayter (who is the voice of Solid Snake and a screenwriter) is interested in the fang-toothed canines, too, and his upcoming flick Wolves has just unveiled some new images and a plot synopsis:

Cayden Richards, 18, has it all: Captain of the high school football team; straight-A student; gorgeous girlfriend. But when he wakes one dark night to find his parents brutally murdered, he is horrified to realize that he is turning into an animal: a wild, savage wolf. Panicked, Cayden runs, determined to find out what is happening to him. His quest leads him to the strange, isolated town of Lupine Ridge, where two clans of wolves are on the brink of war. The opposing clans are lead by Connor, the powerful, pure-blood alpha of a savage pack and John Tollerman, an old farmer, committed to protecting the human citizens of Lupine Ridge. But when Cayden falls for Angelina, the beautiful, young mate promised to Connor, a battle to the death is inevitable. And as the past begins to reveal itself, Cayden’s place in the world becomes clearer – as does his power to put an end to the savage violence building up around and within him…

It’s really, really wolfy, huh? I mean, “Lupine Ridge”? Cayden? Nobody gets a name like Cayden unless they’re destined to be bitten. And although the plot sounds corny as heck, maybe Hayter has written the thing somewhat tongue-in-cheek. I haven’t heard the phrase “captain of the high school football team” in a serious plot synopsis for a long time, anyway.

What do you reckon? Could this be any good, or are we headed for bargain bin territory?

Source: ScreenRant