Chris Evans Breaks The Silence On Accidental Nude Photo Leak

Chris Evans

MCU star Chris Evans was trending on Twitter over the weekend – as was Captain America – but not for the reasons that the actor might’ve hoped for. No, instead, Evans and the role that made him a household name were trending because he accidentally shared a nude photo, which understandably sent the internet into a meltdown.

It all started with an innocent game of Heads Up, which Evans was playing with his 5.7 million Instagram followers. But after “failing to trim a clip from a video he uploaded,” he accidentally shared a gallery of some very private photos, including one extremely revealing nude pic. It didn’t show the person’s face, but it was clearly Evans and though it was deleted soon after, more than enough people managed to take a screengrab, with the photo quickly spreading around social media.

In the days since, a number of Evans’ colleagues have weighed in with some hilarious takes – including Mark Ruffalo – and now, the actor himself has broken the silence with a pretty perfect reply, which you can check out below.

Short and sweet, then, and frankly, he played it very well. Nothing more really needs to be said, anyways. After all, these sorts of things usually die out by themselves and it won’t be long before some other celebrity takes the spotlight from Evans for doing something foolish. Not to mention it also could’ve been much worse.

In any case, we don’t expect Chris Evans to say much more on the matter than the tweet above and already, the commotion is beginning to subside. Besides, like he mentions here, there are more important issues to focus on, like the upcoming election on November 3rd.