Chris Evans Explains The Difference Between Captain America And Himself


Sometimes Tony Stark wants to punch Steve Rogers in his perfect teeth, but most of the time they get along okay. Just over the weekend, for example, Robert Downey Jr. jokingly shared a tweet that highlighted the difference between Captain America and actor Chris Evans, and now the Avengers: Infinity War co-star has shown his approval.

The post that started it all came from a fan who juxtaposed two images from the set of Infinity War. Both feature a bearded Evans in his latest Captain America garb against the same backdrop. The difference is that the photo labelled ‘steve rogers’ shows the guy looking typically stoic, while the picture of ‘chris evans’ has the man goofily bearing those same teeth that Stark wanted so much to punch.

The distinction is clear cut: Rogers – serious; Evans – silly. And when Downey Jr. reposted the image, his own commentary was similarly to the point, tweeting, “One word: accurate.” A few days later, Evans retweeted with one word of his own: “Busted.”

Perhaps it’s important that we have such a concise means of distinguishing the man from his fictional alter ego, seeing how Evans is at a point in his career where the Captain dominates the actor’s public persona. It’s currently being widely predicted that next year’s Avengers 4 will be Steve Rogers’ last major turn in the series, putting Evans in the tricky position of having to move on from his trademark role.

But before we think too hard about the star’s future prospects, first there’s the matter of finishing the fight against Thanos. After the mass genocide that concluded their last movie, directors Anthony and Joe Russo recently suggested that next year’s release will show a tougher side to Steve and his fellow Avengers.

“It’s hardened all of them in a way. You can’t go on the run without it affecting you emotionally, so I think all of those characters — specifically the ones who survived Infinity War, Cap and Natasha [Romanoff] — you will see them with a much much harder edge.”

Another thing you can expect to see in the upcoming sequel is the long-awaited reunion of Steve and Stark after the events of Captain America: Civil War. Given the complicated history between these two characters, their lack of shared screen time in Avengers: Infinity War was a little surprising, but you can take this as a sign that the conclusion to Iron Man and Captain America‘s love-hate relationship is being saved for when Avengers 4 comes out on May 3rd, 2019.