Here’s How Chris Evans Could Look As The MCU’s Spider-Man


What if Chris Evans hadn’t played Captain America in the MCU? Well, if he had gotten his way, he’d have ended up playing Peter Parker instead. Although, it’s hard to imagine him playing any role aside from the leader of the Avengers. Either way, we still get to see what the result would have looked like, courtesy of this awesome fan art by Australian digital artist BossLogic (seen below)

In an interview with SCMP, Evans revealed that Spider-Man was his favorite childhood superhero, which explains why the star would have loved to play the role. He also spoke about how he’d have enjoyed performing some of those stunts, saying:

“I would have loved doing scenes like attaching myself to the sides of buildings and trying to spring from one building to the next.”

But he also said there’s one reason he was glad he ended up playing Captain America: the costume. Not only does he find Cap’s costume cooler, but also less likely to make him feel claustrophobic.

“I would have hated to wear Spider-Man’s mask. I’m very claustrophobic, and I doubt whether I could have worn that kind of full suit and mask for hours a day on a set. I much prefer my Captain America outfit, which I think is cooler anyway!”

Evans also faced a conundrum when he agreed to doing the Marvel movies. As an actor who enjoys anonymity, he was worried that he’d be giving up his privacy in exchange for starring in blockbusters. Agreeing to a contract that would have meant playing the same character for 10 years was not an easy decision to make, then, but he obviously has no regrets.

“I was very worried about not being able to walk down the street without being recognized because I like my anonymity. But the greater worry was the commitment to a long-term contract and knowing that for potentially the next 10 years of your life you’re going to be playing the same character. It was not an easy decision, but now I’m very happy with it.”

Of course, it’s going to be hard to fill Evans’ shoes as the next leader of the Avengers, but it seems like Captain America is ready to pass the torch for good, with Sam Wilson now set to take the mantle in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But tell us, are you still hoping Evans comes back to the MCU at some point, even if just for a cameo, or are you content to move on with new characters? Let us know in the comments section down below.