Captain Marvel Speculated To Lead The Avengers In Phase 4


Now that Avengers: Endgame has concluded the Infinity Saga, and with it, the last ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans are wondering about what’s next for the Avengers, or more specifically, who will lead them now that both Captain America and Iron Man are gone.

Well, one thing’s for certain. And that’s that the MCU has prepared an amazing lineup of movies and TV shows for the next couple of years. While these, in and of themselves, are enough to quench the thirst of the fanbase, people are restless to know what big event Kevin Feige and his team will embark on this time. And they’re right to be curious, too. After all, how could they possibly hope to top Thanos and the Infinity Saga? I guess only time will tell, but that hasn’t stopped folks from speculating about Phase 4 and beyond.

Previously, a report indicated that Captain Marvel 2 would set up the next Avengers film, with the heroine leading the next team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes against whatever woe that awaits them in the near future. Now, MCU fans on Reddit are also debating the possibility of Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers becoming the next leader of the Avengers. People believe that owing to her backstory, discipline and the fact that she can link the MCU together on a cosmic scale, the heroine seems like a natural choice.

Then again, Captain Marvel isn’t necessarily the most charismatic member of Marvel’s assembly of heroes, like Tony Stark once was. Don’t get me wrong, Brie Larson has done a fine job with her portrayal of Danvers, but she also hasn’t been around long enough to win over the majority of the fandom, not to mention that her solo film’s politically-charged premiere left a negative impression last year.

At any rate, it’ll be a while before we know for sure what Marvel Studios intends to do with the next Avengers team, but all signs seem to favor Captain Marvel as the new leader.