Chris Evans Shows Some Love For The Captain Marvel Trailer


The first trailer for Captain Marvel is finally here – after a long, long wait – and it seems as if the studio’s now kicking the marketing machine for the feminist superhero into high gear. After all, alongside our first look at Brie Larson’s heroine in action, we also got an awesome poster that tells us the movie will go “higher, further, faster” than any other MCU film to date, while a new plot synopsis appeared online earlier today, too, teasing a galactic war that’s set to arrive on Earth.

But what does everyone think of Carol Danvers’ big screen debut so far? Well, the internet certainly seems to love it and now, fellow Marvel hero Captain America has shared his thoughts on the trailer. Yes, Chris Evans has taken to Twitter to react to the first Captain Marvel preview, posting a short but effective message and showing his love for Ms. Danvers.

Check it out below:

Of course, this didn’t go unnoticed by Brie Larson, who replied with the following:

While it’s not the least bit surprising for a fellow MCU actor to show support for the franchise’s next release, it’s still nice to see all the same. After all, both Captains will be sharing the screen in May’s Avengers 4, when they come together to take down Thanos and hopefully reverse the devastating climax of Infinity War.

But first, Captain Marvel will get her turn in the spotlight with her very own solo outing which, judging by that first trailer, looks fantastic. And with the marketing now well underway for the pic, you can expect to see a lot more of it as we continue to inch closer and closer to its March 8th release date.