Here’s How Chris Evans Could Look As Alternate Spider-Man In The MCU

Chris Evans

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in the MCU, Marvel throws another curveball at us. Evidence has accumulated that Chris Evans is set to swap Captain America’s shield for Spider-Man‘s web shooters. The Avengers: Endgame star is believed to be voicing an alternate Steve Rogers who’s instead become the web-head in an episode of upcoming animated series What If…? and this has obviously left fans going wild over the unexpected twist.

It’s even been claimed that Evans could go on to reprise his ‘Captain Spider-Man’ in live-action, maybe in a multiversal project like Doctor Strange 2. In any case, if you can’t wait to see what a Steve Rogers Spidey would look like, then check out this epic artwork from famed digital artist Boss Logic, which imagines the actor suiting up in Tom Holland’s red and blue bodysuit, as you can see below.

Evans was actually the first to tip us off to the fact that he could be playing Spider-Man, after he remarked last summer that he would’ve loved to have got his shot at the character as he was his “childhood hero.” His curious comments led to a lot of interest in this happening back then and now, it looks like it’s actually coming to pass.

For those unfamiliar, What If…? is an anthology show which will dive into a different alt-universe each episode. Some of these are logical twists on established canon – Peggy Carter becoming Captain Britain, for example, as is the premise of the series premiere – while others are hard to wrap your head around – like Black Panther becoming Star-Lord. The show is blessed with the involvement of various A-list Marvel stars, too, and Chadwick Boseman even recorded multiple episodes prior to his death.

The 10-part first season is due to hit Disney Plus sometime later this year. Meanwhile, Chris Evans has been busy lately shooting Netflix’s upcoming thriller The Gray Man opposite Ryan Gosling.