Chris Hemsworth Pursued For Snow White & The Huntsman

If there is one movie I’m sick of hearing about it’s Snow White and the Huntsman. And it’s not even shooting yet. In fact I’m fed up of hearing about Snow White in general, but at least Tarsem Singh is well underway of getting his version in front of cameras. This whole issue of casting a role, and a main role role at that, is now getting annoying and entirely ridiculous. So in an attempt to fill the void which has so far been left by Viggo Mortensen, Hugh Jackman, Joel Edgerton, now Thor‘s Chris Hemsworth is being chased by Universal to take the role of the Huntsman.

Hemsworth is good and he deserves to be a star based on his performance in Thor, which holds the movie together terrifically. However the prospect of him being in Snow White is just a bad move by the studio. The man has got The Avengers to film which will probably take up a lot of time to shoot considering the monumental scope and scheduling for all its actors. Scheduling issues would likely arise if he were to join Snow White and I’m betting next week we’ll probably see another name crop up as Chris Hemsworth announces he probably can’t fit it in.

The embarrassing thing about this is that Snow White and the Huntsman already has a projected release date for December next year, so it is pushing further into that thing producer Jon Landau said: “making a release date, rather than a movie”. My other massive problem is, how hard can it possibly be Universal? Just choose an actor who has a free schedule, who is actually fully available to do the movie and commit and has marquee value. Is it really that hard?! Expect more on Snow White and the Huntsman next week, when yet another actor will likely be pulled from obscurity in hopes of being in this damn movie. (Variety)