Chris Hemsworth Shares Jacked Workout Photo Ahead Of Extraction 2


Nobody was expecting much from Extraction when it landed on Netflix last year. After all, mid budget action movies are ten-a-penny everywhere you look, and there was nothing about the plot that offered hope for any sense of originality.

However, first-time director Sam Hargrave put his former career as a stuntman to incredible use, crafting a non-stop cavalcade of hard-hitting, bone-crunching set pieces, with leading man Chris Hemsworth punching, shooting, stabbing and just generally barreling his way through a small army of disposable goons.

The end result was the most-watched original film in Netflix’s history, which has set the bar very high for the upcoming sequel. Taking to Instagram, Hemsworth revealed that Extraction 2 starts shooting in six weeks, and of course shared the requisite jacked workout image.

Extraction was one of 2020’s most pleasant surprises, and now that it’s lost that element, Hargrave and his team are going to need to work even harder to come up with bigger, badder, bolder and wilder action sequences. Looking at the carnage on display first time out, we’ve got no reason to doubt that they won’t be upping the ante significantly, with Hemsworth hitting the gym as hard as he usually does before he gets put through the physical wringer.